Danum Valley

The undisturbed forest in Danum Valley Conservation Area (438 sq km) is some of the richest in the world, with over 200 species of trees being found in just one hectare. The forest comprises mostly lowland dipterocarp rainforest dominated by the Dipterocaraceae family of trees, which includes many species of high value timber such as Kapur, Keruing and Seraya. These trees can grow up to 50m tall with huge buttress roots. Orchids, lianas, ferns, shrubs and many other kinds of plant contribute to exceptionally high floral diversity.

In comparison, most of the forest along the road to Borneo Rainforest Lodge is not primary forest, but has been selectively harvested over the years and is in various stages of regeneration. The forest is also rich in wildlife, and contains the full range of Sabah’s lowland fauna, including such rare and endangered species as the Sumatran Rhinoceros, Banteng, Asian Elephant, Clouded Leopard, Orang Utan and Proboscis Monkey.

Borneo Rainforest Lodge is a paradise for bird watchers. With more than 290 species recorded, it includes the seldom seen Bulwar’s Pheasant, Borneo

Bristlehead and all eight species of Borneo’s hornbills. The current vertebrate species numbers

for Danum Valley comprises 124 mammals, 72 reptiles, 56 amphibians and 37 fishes and some of the largest butterflies and moths in the world are also found in the surrounding areas of the Borneo Rainforest Lodge. Delicate Mousedeers searching for fallen fruits and snorting Bearded Pigs are common sights at the Borneo Rainforest Lodge.

The haunting calls of Borneon Gibbons in the early mornings and glimpses of Giant Flying Squirrels gliding like velvet cushions across the river at dusk are regular happenings. One of the biggest attractions is to catch sight of the elusive wild Orang Utans during early morning walks. Danum Valley is one of the largest remaining sanctuaries of these gentle primates.