About Authentic Borneo

Authentic Borneo Tours Sdn. Bhd (1056028-M) was established in 2014 by a team of tourism professionals with long years of experience in the Bornean Inbound tourism industry.

Located in Kuching/ Sarawak, our company is providing tour arrangements, hotel bookings and domestic flight connections within Sarawak, Sabah and Brunei sectors.

The company was formed with the target to promote our beautiful destination in a more unique way, away from the main stream. We believe that our client holidays, as the most deserved time of the year, shall leave them with a most memorable experience and satisfaction. In order to achieve this target, we made it our goal to stand side by side with our customers from the beginning of their planning stage until the end of their stay in Borneo. Creating a detailed program, that shall include insights of the colourful culture, the amazing nature and the fascinating wildlife of Borneo, cannot be done in a hasty way, a proper consultation is essential. Based on the interest of our clients, we are delighted to assist with ideas of how the Borneo experience could be created, which visits are offering the most rewards and how the places of interest can be connected.

Our Tour Guides are chosen in a very careful way, with a special personal interest and dedication to their profession and with a deep knowledge of culture, nature and wildlife.

Services during our clients’ holidays include a 24-hours contact in English and German language for any case of requests.

Combined with constantly new ideas for tour programs, that let our customers get a deeper and more rewarding experience, we made it our Motto to “Discover Borneo The Authentic Way”.